Where will the ceremony take place?
We will be getting married Friday evening on September 13th, 2019 right along the Sandy River at Camp Angelos in Corbett, OR.

Where is the reception?
The reception will be held indoors and outdoors at the lodge on site, just a short distance away from where the ceremony takes place. We will be serving a delicious buffet style dinner and then dancing hard immediately after.

What is the dress code for your wedding?
Bohemian Fancy; however, not too Bohemian or too fancy.

Where do I RSVP for your wedding?
Please feel free to RSVP online right here on the website through the link labeled “RSVP.” Also, don’t forget to update us on what kind of accommodations work best for you on the RSVP page.  Please RSVP by July 1st at the latest.

Will there be transportation to/from Portland to Camp Angelos?
Yes. We have arranged for some yellow school buses to drive our guests to and from Portland/Camp Angelos on both Friday and Saturday. More details to come….

Have you reserved hotel room blocks for guests that don’t want to share a cabin/pitch a tent at the camp?
Absolutely. Please visit the “Accommodations” section of the website to see what rooms you’d like to book. Some are in Troutdale, which is about 15 minutes away from Camp Angelos and some are in Portland proper, which is about 30 minutes away from Camp Angelos (both locations should be a simple Lyft/Uber ride away).
Please be sure to mention that you are booking for the Thomas/Craft wedding to receive that sweet ‘n’ special discount.

Is there parking available near the ceremony and reception site?
Yes. There is ample parking available, but I would strongly encourage party goers to Lyft or Uber if they plan on getting a little loosey goosey.

Can I bring a plus one?
This question is a real thick pickle. We definitely don’t wish to limit anyone’s fun or romance on this sacred event, but we also have a very large party that are being invited. That being said, we are going to specify in each indivdual e-mail if it’s an invite for you and only you, or you and a plus one.
Please keep in mind that this is going to be a large gathering and all of our friends are super rad and you will all love each other. OR ELSE.

Can I bring my children?
Of course! Please consider bringing them a blindfold and some ear plugs (kidding, sort of).  There is actually a little play ground area on site for the little ones.

Is there a smoking area?
There will be a designated area for the smokers, and because it’s a year round children’s camp we ask that everyone be extra aware of their cigarette butts, as well as any other waste that we create as a group. We want a “pack in, pack out” kind of attitude throughout the weekend whether you’re camping there or just visiting to party.

Can I take pictures and/or post photos of your exquisite wedding on social media?
We definitely ask that everyone refrain from taking any photos during the wedding ceremony, (and PLEASE take the time to silence your ringers) but during the reception you can respectfully take some wedding photos as long as they’re flattering of Lydia. We trust our photographer to capture the night, the company, the party, and anything else you might want to see and would prefer to not have “devices” out everywhere. Kyle HATES selfies.

What time is the reception scheduled to end?
We have the luxury of having all of Camp Angelos to ourselves to celebrate Kyle and Lydia’s mesmerizing bond. We will have entertainment from live bands, followed by a trifecta of groovy DJs to boogie down into the night. So feel free to stay as long as you’d like.
Also, there will be an early bus and a late bus scheduled to head back into Portland. More details to come…

Are there any other events that I’m invited to?
Yessire, if you still have some strength left in you when you wake up, we would love you to join us at noon on Saturday at Camp Angelos to have brunch, nurse our hangovers with mimosas + bloody mary’s, play games, and hang out by the river.

We sincerely hope you all can make it to witness our love eternal.