Oh, hey there.

Hello Ladies & Gents,

We sincerely hope you can make the trek to our wedding weekend extravaganza at the beautiful Camp Angelos in Corbett, Oregon.  The wedding ceremony will take place on Friday September 13th, 2019 on the banks of the Sandy River.  After the ceremony, we will be taking a short stroll back to the reception which will be held inside and outside the huge on-site lodge where the party will go well into the night.  Entertainment for the evening will start with live music and end with a cycling cast of groovy DJs.  Don’t sweat staying up too late with us because the entire camp is ours both Friday and Saturday and there will be free on-site cabins and plenty of room to pitch a tent if that’s more your vibe.  Each cabin on-site has several bunk-beds and we will organize who stays in which by what city and group you’ll be coming with.  These cabins are Saturday will be spent relaxing, playing some games, drinkin by the river, BBQin’,and jamming around on the mass amount of musical gear we intend to bring.  There are trails to hike and for those of you with kiddies, they have a playground area! Saturday will be a great time to meet folks and catch up with the ones you didn’t get to catch up with the day before.  We welcome you to stay both Friday and Saturday night to get all your kicks in.

For those of you who don’t want to stay in the free cabins or in a tent, we will have several hotel rooms blocked off for you to reserve near the campsite and back in Portland proper, which is only a thirty minute drive.  If you would prefer to take this route, please click on the hotels section of the page to see what best accomodates you.  There is also room on-site to park RVs if you’d like to rent one for yourself fover the weekend.

If all this sounds like a good time, RSVP on this page and let us tickle your fancy!!!